About Emad Motors Armoring

Emad Motors products are periodically subjected to a series of intensive tests and quality control. EMAD MOTORS products are ballistic tested at the Special Equipment & Communications science and production association of Internal Affairs and at the. Shooting is made to the most vulnerable areas of the armored components.

The protection characteristics of EMAD MOTORS products comply with the basic bulletproof capacity classes, ensuring resistance to bullets fired from various ammunitions of different makes and models. Armored component resistance to explosion loads is also checked during testing. The test results are documentary confirmed with certificates of conformance with bulletproof capacity and explosion resistance.

According to the tests results bomb experts found no damages to EMAD MOTORS vehicles armored protection, i. e. absence of splinter penetration into the salon. Besides, experts found no damages to the fuel tank evidencing protection reliability of the most explosively dangerous vehicle component.

Proving polygon tests of EMAD MOTORS armored vehicles include combined trials of main parameters like safety, steering gear reliability, brake effectiveness, controllability, stability, etc. According to the results of these tests, an in-house vehicle type approval (VTA) is issued.

There were several occasions when EMAD MOTORS armored vehicles helped their passengers withstanding all-round fire from automatic weapons, blast wave hits and exposure to striking elements. The company experts examine armored vehicle after each assault checking all the damages. EMAD MOTORS vehicle ‘field experience’ and newest technology applying allows our company to permanently improve the armored protection.

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